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Our Animals

Grassfed Beef Saskatchewan, Black Angus Cattle

Naturally Raised

Our cattle at True Beef, receive no grain, supplements, vaccinations, or antibiotics! Our families are committed to restoring the vitality of communities and the natural resources on which they depend by using Holistic Management decision making.

Care is taken with our animals from birth to the table. They are raised as naturally as our environment will allow.

Healthy Fats

Lower your risk of Cancer, Heart Problems, Diabetes and Obesity just by eating Beef and Chicken that is Grass Finished. Grass Fed animals have more Omega-3 FA.

Linoliec, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids can be found in health food stores, but the most natural way to get them is through producers growing and finishing animals on grass-based diets.

Animal Welfare Approved

Our herd of beef cattle are now certified as Animal Welfare Approved. This certification is the first—and only—food label in Canada which guarantees that food products marked as grassfed come from animals raised outdoors, and fed a 100% grass & forage diet for their entire lives.

The AWA Grassfed logo also lets consumers know that the animals were raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada, using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent family farm.

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whole or side of beef

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